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Shayla Graduated from HARVARD Extension School with her Master's in Creative Writing & Literature (ALM) in 2022.

She has a feature film currently in development with an indie production company. Her short film, NAMESAKE, produced during the 2023 San Diego 48-hour film festival, was selected for the San Diego International Film Festival in October 2023.

Two of Shayla's fantasy novels have been on Coverfly's Red List for "Top-Rated Fantasy Manuscript/Book of the Year."

Her fantasy TV pilot "Bohan the Mage," was in Roadmap Writers Top Tier 2022/2023 Top 50.

Shayla publishes a new short story every month in her free Newsletter, which currently has over 1,500 subscribers.

She also writes an episodic dark-academic fantasy for paying subscribers of her newsletter.

Shayla taught art and worked with teens in Connecticut for seven years before moving to Los Angeles to combine her love of visual art and stories and write for the screen. She is looking for literary representation. Connect with her on Instagram, or through email.

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