Memories of travel through cubism.

Watercolors & Illustrations

Some pieces are stand alone, while others illustrate original short stories.  Find out more on the 'Newsletter' page.


Printmakers engrave a surface, creating a matrix, and transfer that image to paper.  The pieces below include the following techniques: Monoprint, Etching, Lithography, Woodcut, & Linocut.


The human face is my favorite subject; the colors of the skin, the emotion in the expression, the presence in the eyes.  The following examples were completed in oil or charcoal.  


I am most inspired by the places I visit while traveling, and the challenge of communicating the "feeling" of the place that captured me.


Abstract art does not convey a subject of reality, but rather utilizes all the elements of art to create an appealing composition.  In my mind, abstract art is a love letter to art itself.  Just as tastes vary between people, so does our attraction to various abstract pieces.  

Still Lives

Still-life Paintings are one of the best ways for artists to practice various artistic techniques.  


Senior Thesis, Wheaton College, IL, 2015

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Surrealism: Unlocking the Subconscious

Senior Thesis, The Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts, 2011

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