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Shayla writes urban fantasies, dark comedy, female-driven action, and romantic comedies. 


Her latest short film was accepted into the San Diego International Film Festival 2023 (watch below). Her dark comedy feature film, DEB, is in development with CHARTHOUSE FILMS. Her urban fantasy pilot was a finalist in Roadmap Writer's Top Tier Competition 2022/2023. (Read the scripts below by clicking on the title).

Shayla would love to write on RINGS OF POWER, a reboot of SHERLOCK, and any modern take on classic Jane Austin literature.  Her current favorite TV shows are THE BEAR, SEVERANCE, and THE TODAY SHOW. Her favorite films are THE GREY MAN, BULLET TRAIN, and PERSUASION (2022). 


When a childless mother hears the podcast vitriol of a misogynistic single father, she takes matters into her own hands.

Short film made at the 48-Hour Film Festival. 6 min.

Accepted: San Diego International Film Festival, 2023.

An ancient wizard accidentally finds a half-human wind spirit and must help her own her powers, while fixing whatever is poisoning magic at Oxford.

Top 50:

Roadmap Writers Top Tier Competition 2022/2023

BTM Banner.jpg
Thanksgiving with the Enemy.jpg

Married CIA Agents juggle their career, two children, and their dysfunctional extended family, but when the head of a human trafficking ring comes over for Thanksgiving, work-life balance gets… dicey.

One Hour TV Pilot, Drama, Action

Francesca makes her debut, the queen redoubles her efforts to sleuth out Lady Whistledown, the Bridgetons throw a masquerade, and Benedict meets the mysterious muse of his dreams.

One Hour TV Drama, Period

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