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Original Written Works

Shayla publishes a monthly newsletter with original illustrated short stories. 

Links to each of the stories are listed below. 

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Gaurdian Angel.jpg


Samiel is a general in a divine army, yet his focus on influencing human history is sidetracked when he is assigned to guard a human child. Frustrated with the small assignment, he resigns himself to watch over Evelina, and finds his opinion on humans challenged. But can an eternal being change?

Spaces In-Between

With her graduate degree in music performance, Jenny isn't sure how to make ends meet in this new economy. The pressure is mounting, keeping her from the one thing that gives her joy: making music.

Spaces in between.jpg
Fashion Week.jpg

Animate Corpses

A fashion model prepares for her big week in Paris, but the world is shutting down around them. Violence seems to be a contagion traveling like a wildfire through the Americas and Canada, but the President of France keeps the country open. Fashion week must go on, after all, mustn't it?

Global Warming

Keith knew dragons weren’t real.

Global warming, that was real, but not dragons.

Then their hibernation ended.

Dragon in Antarctica.jpg
Marine Life.jpg

Marine Life

Firth is a marine biologist, a middle-aged man settled in his ways, a hermit of the truest sort. But a surprise discovery on the beach challenges his understanding of himself. Is Firth's last adventure behind him?


Relationships begun in the awkwardness of youth sometimes last the longest, even when two people cease having anything else in common with each other. Gailin and Melina, now in their early thirties, touched base once a year or so, but otherwise didn’t see each other often. Catching up over a drink in a pub, the two women reflect on past romantic relationships. Through an unlikely game, they begin to see who they truly are, and what they truly want.

Parable of Glasses.jpg

A Parable of Glasses

Denis Glass is determined to celebrate his one-year anniversary with his wife, Alesha, come hell or high water. Unfortunately, high water seems to be on the menu, along with goose poop, and Alesha is not enjoying herself. Greater things than a picnic are at stake as Denis begins to see his marriage through a different lens.


Odette counted the cost when she signed up to be a spy. It was all in the name of God and country, worth her life. Wasn't it?

Abby Soucy, Feb 2021, _Ghost_ Book Cover.jpg
The Root of Things.jpg

The Root of Things

If Atlas didn’t carry the world, the planet would fall into the DARK VOID and NOTHING. The gods must step in, and who better to solve the mystery than the Muses? Can these sisters, patrons of the arts, uncover why the earth has grown so heavy? More importantly, can they fix it?


An unlikely relationship springs up between Mae and the witch who ate her brother. The witch decides to take Mae under her wing, finding her useful, but Mae has other plans.

Cresent Moon.jpg
Falling, Parachutes.jpg


A newlywed couple decides to spend their honeymoon jumping out of planes. This groom realizes he'll need every ounce of training he got in the military to keep up with his new bride.


Cassandra doesn't buy into all the voodoo self-awareness, third-eye crap. Yoga is good for deep muscle and bone strengthening; the resistance and focus required are excellent for keeping her young, healthy, and mentally sharp. But this type-A grandmother will encounter her deeper self, whether she likes it or not.

Resistance of the Invisable_IL2.jpg


Prose poems about life in the spaces of transition.

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