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Original Written Works

Shayla publishes a monthly newsletter with original illustrated short stories. 

Links to each of the stories are listed below. 

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After undergrad, Virginia and Cherry start their new lives looking for an apartment in the city. Cherry’s flashy job on Wall Street makes her the obvious breadwinner, and she questions if her roommate (a philosophy major) can make rent. However new contexts have a way of reinventing us. Virginia’s job hunt uncovers a startling and highly marketable skill set, disturbing the comfortable dynamic between the friends.


In some seasons, it’s not just the setting that changes.


Alec &

Wunderland Designs

A graduate of the prestigious RISD, Alec knows exactly what his clients want out of an architect; someone to design the next generation of buildings, to bringing class and engineering together seamlessly.

Alec is prepared to impress the glasses off of the employees at Wunderland Industries, but his interview doesn’t go exactly to plan.  Will Alec find his way out of the rabbit hole and land the job he needs? Or will Wunderland’s unusual office culture send him running home in a panic?

Time's Nature

Rebecca studied hard and waited her whole life to get to Oxford, England. But now that she's finally there, she can't break her high-strung nature to let go and actually enjoy the place, until one afternoon she takes the advice of a postcard.

Oxford Sunday LRC2.jpg